Redondo Beach Houses

Redondo Beach Houses for Sale

You can find all kinds of houses in Redondo Beach. And by "houses" we mean Single Family Residences on their own lots. You own the land and the building(s) on it. 

Everything from original beach bungalows, 100 year old Craftsmen, Spanish 1930s charmers, duplexes, McMansions, stunning Contemporaries and Ocean View Southern CA Ranches. Plus a lot of mid century tract homes and Tall and Skinnies.

For this post we're going to just look at the kinds of houses you will find in North Redondo Beach 90278. For South Redondo Beach visit our sister website 90277realestate.com.

What's a "Tall and Skinny"?


Redondo Beach Real Estate Agent


Ellis Posner Intro

Hi, I'm Ellis Posner, a local Realtor with a lot of South Bay Real Estate experience and tons of online reviews from clients who initially found me on a site like this one.

I've lived in the Beach Cities for 30 years and have been a home owner in Redondo Beach for 15 years. Over 50% of my business is in Redondo and I understand the needs of both Buyers and Sellers in this community.

I've sold some of the homes in the neighborhood multiple times and have seen almost every listing for sale over the last decade and longer. I know the history of these properties and the back story of what's going on in most instances.

Whether you are Buying or Selling a home, I'm available to help you with all of your Redondo Beach Real Estate needs in either North Redondo Beach 90278 or South Redondo Beach 90277.


Golden Hills Market Trends

Redondo Beach Golden Hills Market Dynamics


As I've written about extensively on this site and others, North Redondo Beach 90278 has been the hottest zip code in coastal LA County over the past few years and has out performed the broader market in general. Within Redondo Beach, homes in the Golden Hills neighborhood have seen the steepest appreciation and only now are we seeing some price resistance throughout the range.

I usually post one year charts so please note the above chart follows a 2 year trend line. Also for this analysis I am looking at Single Family Residences (SFRs) only as they are the preponderance of the properties.

For 2014 there were 79 Golden Hills sales with a median price of $844,000 and an average price of $842,466 which would have bought a hypothetical 3 bedroom 2.5 1730 SqFt house.

During 2015 there were 93 sales averaging $977,129 for a 3 bedroom house and with a median price of $940,000.

So in just that year the average price jumped 16% and the went up almost $100K.

Through 11.5 months of 2016 there have been 84 sales indicating that we may exceed the prior year's sales. The average price as of this post is $997,399 and the median is $896K and that's where this analysis gets very interesting. The high end of the market, which is at all time highs, is pulling the average up but the median is regressing to just below the buying public's resistance point for most resales. Hold that thought for a second and let's look at some of the driving factors for this.


Redondo Beach Townhomes and Condominiums for Sale

What's the Difference Between a Townhome and a Condo?

If you've been house hunting for a home in Redondo Beach CA or will be, invariably you might be looking at some Townhomes and Condos which collectively comprise around 50% of the market at any given time.

Pro Tip

Depending on your loan amount and type of loan i.e ARM, 30 year fixed, etc your lender might quote you a higher rate for condos and from a lender perspective Townhomes and Condos are in almost all situations condos from a lending perspective because that's what they are from a legal description. Confused? Here's what's going on.

You will find 3 legal descriptions for residential properties:
  • Condominium
  • Single Family Residence
  • Planned Unit Development (PUD)
In Redondo Beach and the South Bay in general almost all homes will fit into the first or second category. An example of a PUD (although not in Redondo Beach) would be the gated community of Manhattan Village in Manhattan Beach. That is the neighborhood located north of Marine and just east of the Manhattan Village Shopping Mall.

A Single Family Residence (SFR) is a house on its own lot. One house, one lot. A variation might be a legal duplex, triplex or quadplex but for now lets keep zoning out of the equation.

Any residential property with a shared ownership on the lot is a condominium from a legal and lending perspective. Condominiums will have recorded CC&Rs and a Homeowner's Association (HOA).

Now we get to the explanation part.


Buying A Redondo Beach Home

Home Buyer Pro Tips

Whether you are a first time buyer or have been through the home buying experience previously, due to new regulations, the lending environment and local market real estate practice, it is best to be well prepared for what you will be facing if you want to have a successful outcome. 

Let's start by defining successful outcome.
  • Buying a home that you will love living in and that will have
  • Minimal issues (or surprises) going forward and
  • Appreciate over time and be a great investment.
Let's start by dispelling certain myths.

Myth # 1 You Don't Need an Agent

Yes you do.


Redondo Beach Real Estate CMA and Market Report

What is a CMA?

You may often hear Real Estate Agents refer to "CMAs" as in a Comparative Market Analysis. This is the manual version of the Automated Valuation Model or AVM the most famous of which is the Zillow "Zestimate". Quite possibly as famous being inaccurate as anything else.

AVMs utilize algorithms of recently sold properties but have no specific insight as to whether your home has more or less upgrades or other amenities than other properties based on SqFt, age, lot size etc. In other words you just spent $40K on a new kitchen and the AVM shows the same value as your neighbors home with the original kitchen.

So in theory, the Realtor who is manually compiling the data and supposedly can discern the difference in the properties should come out with a better final data crunch. In theory because if a wrong comp is added or a good one left out then the CMA is useless and defeats the purpose.

Click on the graphic above for the North Redondo Beach Market Report - the foundation for the CMA. If you like what you see, you can log in and create your own for your home or contact us for a personalized report.

New Construction Homes for Sale in North Redondo Beach CA 90278

New construction is the benchmark for all other property sales. This is based on the premise that all other things being equal, an arm's length buyer will not pay more for a resale property than a similar new home. Put another way, there's nothing quite like the smell of fresh paint.

The following list of homes are all the new construction properties in North Redondo Beach currently offered for sale. For South Redondo Beach new construction, follow this link.

This list will update in real time whenever you visit this page and includes Single Family Residences and all varieties of Townhomes and Condominiums.

North Redondo Beach New Construction Homes for Sale.


Redondo Beach Homes for Sale New Listings and Open Houses

We usually see most of the new listings come on the market every Weds and Thurs. It seems that Real Estate Agents prefer to have the least days on market when the inevitable flurry or buyers hit the open houses on the weekends. Some of this is also driven by the fact that the Broker's Open tour is on Thursday.

These listings will update in real time whenever you revisit this page.

How Much is My Redondo Beach House Worth?

Whether you own a condo, single family residence, or townhome in Redondo beach, everyone is always curious as to how much their property is worth.

The answer to that simple question is often more complicated that you might think.

For example, if you are doing a refinance an appraiser might put a different value on your home than were it being listed for sale. Or a appraisal that you needed to settle an estate might vary.

Many people turn to Automated Valuation Models (AVMs), to start with. Think of the Zillow "Zestimate" as an example.

While these tools are good starting points, they are as likely to wrong as not. Sometimes low and sometimes high. They work on algorithms using data such as the age of the property, SqFt, lot size, bedroom, bathrooms count etc.

But an automated tools does not know for example that your home has a new kitchen and the most recent sale does not. Or that yours has a view, is on a busy street, has a new roof or the many other variables.

Some of the best of the AVMs will take things into account such as whether we are in a buyer's or seller's market (makes sense) and even provide a list of the comps that were used.

So, as the general public seems to like to input their home addresses into these automated valuation websites, we would be remiss if we didn't at least try to get you to use ours.

Automated Home Valuation


MLS Search Interactive Map North Redondo Beach CA Real Estate for Sale

Redondo Beach Property Types

MLS Interactive Map Search North Redondo Beach

Search the MLS using an interactive map. Here's a few more tips.

If you move the map around it will display properties in other locations - and the map is pretty slippery and easy to move!

These resorts are sorted lowest first. You can switch to list view and resort based on days on market, most expensive etc.

If you are viewing this on a phone follow this link for the mobile optimized version.  Enjoy!