South Redondo Beach - High Prices along the Coast

Everyone is looking for a deal these days, but we decided to look in the opposite direction - at what the highest priced homes in Redondo Beach are listed for.

Above $2M there are 9 active listings. But, if we had been doing this yesterday there would have only been 8. At this price point , all are in South Redondo and on the Esplanade or in the Hollywood Riviera or lower Avenues.

Via la Selva hit the market today for $2.095M. The other 8 have all been listed for over 1 year in one form of Realtor churning or another. 517 Via la Selva is a 4 bedroom, 3 bath approximately 3,000 sq ft Queen's Necklace view home on a 6,600 sq ft lot.

Moving up in price, the next two are on Paseo de la Playa, also in the Riviera, and are 3,000 sq ft (+) SFRs priced in the mid $2's. There is also a 6,000 sq ft ocean view castle on Gertruda for $2.8M.

If you like attached condos, Raju still has units at 705-707 Esplanade at $2.3M. Nicely done, but weren't these less a few years ago? Our favorite over priced property in this group (said with tongue in cheek), is 711 Esplanade which is a 2 bedroom, 2,000 sq ft SFR on a 7,200 sq ft lot. OP for sure, but what a sweet lot!