Redondo Beach MLS Search: Real Estate for Sale

We have recently relaunched The URL and much of the content is the same but the property search engine has been replaced with what we believe is the aboslute best search tool you will see anywhere, guaranteed. We're so excited about it, we want to add a few words to help you maximize your search experience.

This software was created out of a need to have a superior public-facing property location system. Previous technology by other companies attempted to address such a desire, but different shortcomings in each solution were apparent. Given the radically changing web landscape and the massive increase in buyers turning to the Internet to find a home, we took on the tremendous task of finding an application to serve the needs of everyone involved.

What we came up with is unique in so many ways. With our detail-oriented staff, we were able to produce something that addresses every issue that other IDX programs have and create a feature set that overcomes even the largest real-estate search sites on the Internet today. Our IDX solution, which makes an interactive map onto which properties are plotted the central focus point, is blazingly fast, incredibly flexible, and extremely simple to use.

Our forward facing search for buyers (and even agents) leaves nothing to be desired. Visitors can search for properties by just dragging and dropping different elements on the web page and by interacting with the map. Every search that a visitor makes is returned instantly, and the matching results are displayed on that same page without reloading; essentially, there's just no need to wait. Each individual property, whether on the map or listed in the search results section, can be clicked on to instantly switch the program from the map tab to a full-featured property details tab. On it, the visitor will find all of the information about that property as well as a contact form, a mortgage calculator, a Zillow Zestimate (when desired by the agent or broker), a Google Street View of the property, a mini-map, school and community information, and so much more.

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