Redondo Beach Real Estate: Home Sales for August

During August 33 properties closed escrow in 90278 and 32 in 90277. One year ago, the respective numbers were 33 in North Redondo Beach and 38 in South Redondo. So, year over year, South Redondo Beach softened in terms of sales volume by about 17% while North Redondo stayed flat.

The July 2010 to August 2010 numbers present a slightly different picture. There were 42 home sales in North Redondo Beach and 21 in South Redondo which still puts us in that low 60 total number but with quite a bit more activity going on in 90278 than 90277. Let's look under the numbers a little bit more.

North Redondo Beach August 2010: 16 Single Family Residences, 15 Townhouses (8 detached, 7 attached), and 2 condos.

South Redondo Beach August 2010: 16 Single Family Residences, 11 Townhouses (3 detached, 8 attached), and 5 condos. (There will almost always be more condo sales in South Redondo Beach due to the sheer volume of units encompassed by The Village and Brookside Village.) None the less, single family residences represented about 50% of the sales volume in each zip code.

North Redondo Beach July 2010: 19 Single Family Residences, 23 Townhouses (9 detached, 14 attached), and no condos. (Please note - townhouse is not a legal description and almost all properties classified as townhouse are, in fact, condos.)

South Redondo Beach July 2010:  11 Single Family Residences, 6 Townhouses (2 detached, 4 attached), and 4 condos.

As a Redondo Beach home price trend, what you will find fairly consistently is that single family (detached) residences (SFR) tend to account for about 50% of the sales, there are more townhome sales in North Redondo and more MLS labeled "condo" sales in South Redondo. Of the townhomes, in general you will find a greater number of detached units in 90278 than 90277. This has mostly been a function of lot size, highest and best value, buyer preference and other local factors.

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