The Redondo Beach Townhouse Guy

CurtisI'm not exactly sure how I became known as the "Redondo Beach Townhouse Guy" but I guess there are worse things to be called.

Maybe it is because about half my sales are in Redondo Beach and a lot of those are attached and detached 2 and 3 on a lot townhomes or "Tall & Skinnies" which look like townhomes but are really Single Famly Houses. Or maybe all those open houses I've done over the years, yes in townhomes, just made an impression on the hundreds of people I've met. And I do write about townhomes quite a lot on my Redondo Beach Blog.
And many of those 5 Star Zillow Reviews were written by Redondo Beach home Buyers and Sellers.

But really, I also sell a lot of SFRs and not just in Redondo. Recently, I sold one of the largest (and most expensive) houses in Torrance. And I do a fair amount of business in other Beach Cities (Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach) and those are as often SFRs as townhomes.
Well truth be known, I've sold a bunch of townhomes in Rancho Palos Verdes and Rolling Hills Estates as well. But I also sell SFRs on "The Hill" as well as in San Pedro. I even get out to the "Valley" for a couple of deals a year and sometimes even OC to say nothing of Gardena, Lawndale, Hawthorne and Westchester.

So why do buyers and sellers think I'm "The Redondo Beach Townhouse Guy"? Here's why.

I think Redondo Beach Townhomes are some of the best deals to be found not only in the South Bay, but LA County and coastal Southern CA in general. Wow. That's a pretty broad statement and I guess I'm pretty vocal about expressing that opinion. So let me back it up with some examples.

RockefellerEven in this current hyper competitive low inventory environment, for between $600,000-$700,000 you simply get more for your money in Redondo Beach than almost anywhere else mentioned above. In that price range, you can buy a 3 bedroom attached unit with anywhere between 1600 and 2000 sq ft and possibly a front yard or back yard for your exclusive use. And your HOA dues will be lower than for a comparable space on the Westside or even in Torrance.

Newer "3 on a lot" reverse floorplan townhomes in the $600-700K price range offer cathedral ceilings, granite and stainless steel, gas fireplaces and wood floors. These are commonly found on Grant, Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Mathews and many of the North-South streets such as Rindge, MacKay, Felton, etc. (Older units needing updates may for under $600K.) These same units often rent for $2800-3400 per month.

So, they are often less expensive to own than to rent for buyers who can come up with the down payment and qualify for the loan.

For buyers who may want a larger property and a traditional floor plan (living room, kitchen downstairs), there are older attached 2 on a lots available. Many of these properties are only attached at the garage and share no common living walls.

Moving above the $700K price point may is the entry point to the detached 2 on a lot world. These townhomes are for all intents and purposes single family homes that are zoned as condos. They do share a common driveway but that's about it. While there are recorded CC&Rs most of the HOAs are "inactive" and each unit maintains their own homeowner's insurance. The front units often feature a backyard and front yard while the back units most commonly only offer a backyard. The 2 on a lots located on corners may not even share a common driveway.

So where else in LA County can you find a stand alone 3 bedroom dwelling over 2000 sq ft less than 2 miles from the beach for this price?

Maybe my enthusiasm for these homes is what makes me the "Redondo Beach Townhouse Guy".
So, feel free to call me anytime with any questions or to Buy or Sell Redondo Beach Real Estate (SFRs okay too).