Redondo Beach CA Bank Owned REO Foreclosures for Sale

There are currently 2 active bank owned REO foreclosure listings for sale in North Redondo Beach, CA 90278. Foreclosure activity has tapered off significantly in Redondo Beach as it has throughout the South Bay in general. Whether that's because increasing prices have had an impact, the economy has improved, or the banks have found more expedient means of disposing of non performing assets remains to be seen. I recently previewed these two homes which are both coincidentally detached 2 on a lot townhomes in MLS area 152 found south of Artesia Blvd. Here's my thoughts. If you have any questions regarding these homes call 310 975 5139. And, of course I am available to help you buy a foreclosure in Redondo Beach, CA.

1205 Rindge Ln, Redondo Beach CA, 90278: MLS 13659459. This property is a 5 bedroom, 2750 sq ft detached townhome sharing no common driveway. The home is built in a very nice section of Rindge and is surrounded by other homes of similar age and quality. This home sold new in 2006 for $1,325,000. As a REO listing, initially 1205 Rindge was priced at $975,000 but was lowered three weeks later to its now current list price of $939K.

As often happens with REO listings, an out of area Broker has the listing. I think a local Realtor would have probably priced this one at $899,000 and it would have sold immediately. Here's why.

The standard configuration for a townhouse of this size would be 4 bedrooms upstairs plus an "open" bonus area. The 5th bedroom may somewhat limit it's appeal. Additionally, the outdoor space is rather limited compared to more traditional detached units some of which have both a front and rear yard. Lastly, priced in the high $900's puts this townhouse in competition with single family homes on larger lots which might more appropriately suit the buyer who has a need for 5 bedrooms. Other than that it's a great property that many people would be proud to call home.

1816 Huntington Ln Unit A, Redondo Beach CA, 90278: MLS PW13063727. This is your standard 2 on a lot shared driveway front unit built in 2002 with 4 bedrooms. At a list price of $824,900 it is priced exactly right at the "new normal" of about $363 sq ft. Although this is the "standard" floor plan as I mentioned, there are still slight variations downstairs between builders as to how much space is dedicated to living room and how much to dining and kitchen. This unit had a slightly larger living room than other detached two on a lots that I posted about last week. Alos, it was built by Casner. If you are a regular reader of this blog you know that Casner is a local builder I hold in high regard. Lots of nice touches such as the dual sided fireplace between the master and bathtub and French doors on the 4th bedroom. I also like the location in the 1800 block as it makes it an easy bike ride to the beach. As for price, it's fair but not at any great foreclosure discount.

Ellis Posner - Agent at Shorewood Realtors, Inc