Redondo Beach CA Top Real Estate Brokers: RE/MAX, Shorewood Realtors, South Bay Brokers, Keller Williams

So, which Real Estate Brokers are selling the most homes in North Redondo Beach, CA 90278?

Hint, not who you think it is.

 The major "known" players, RE/MAX, Shorewood Realtors South Bay Brokers, and Keller Williams make up about 42% of all sales. Including Merit Real Estate (Amir Amiri) the Top 5 get to just over 46% of all transactions. The "other" Brokers make do over 50% of all the sales. So, who are these "others"? Some names you'll recognize but many you may not. Let's look further down the list.

A quick word about what we are looking at here.

Each Real Estate sale or transaction counts for 2 "sides" in this data: Listing and Selling. In the arcane vernacular of real estate agents, the agent representing the buyer is considered the "selling" agent, while the listing agent or broker is the person representing the seller. To make matters more confusing, in CA Real Estate practice the listing agent can also represent the buyer if it is disclosed to all parties. Lastly, any Broker can sell the listing of any other Broker. Got all that? OK, let's move on.

So, looking at let's say RE.MAX. we see that over the past 12 months they did a total of 176 sides or units representing 16.2% of all sales. That was further broken down to 101 listings and 75 buyers.

By comparison, Shorewood Realtors did 169 sides or units of which 86 were listings and were 83 buyers. Truthfully for any given time frame measured, Shorewood and RE/MAX could easily flip flop between 1 and 2 in this particular market.

After the two dominant players, there is a huge fall off with South Bay Brokers having less than half the transactions of Shorewood and KW Beach Cities having a little more than half again of South Bay Brokers. Keller Williams numbers are rather surprising because they have one of the most successful powerhouse agent teams in the South Bay working at there Brokerage (Hoffman-Murphy).

Merit Real Estate (Amir Amiri) is also included in the top five but their business is somewhat different in that they specialize in new construction 2 and 3 on a lot townhomes and do an exceptional job of it. Their new construction townhome projects sell almost immediately and are highly sought after. In fact some buyers even refer to "Amir Amiri" as a style of townhouse!

The reason I love data is that numbers don't lie. What I find most surprising about the home sales over the past year in North Redondo Beach is how poorly Redfin has done considering that almost every buyer I run into is walking around with their mobile app. If we were judging success on technology adaptation, Redfin would be far and away number one in North Redondo Beach, CA. But we're lokig at real time real estate results and quite frankly Redfin's 4 buyer sides is fairly anemic all things considered. I personally outsold Redfin and Zip Realty in North Redondo Beach! Someone should tell their CEO that buyers really don't like their business model even if they love their technology. And for those who want a buyer credit or rebate, there are many agents who will do that including yours truly and provide a much higher level of support to say nothing of experience.

Another really interesting data point is that if you notice, most Brokerages sold their listings pretty close to list price. The myth that any particular agent or broker can list and sell your house for more is simply an urban legend or a self serving component of the agent's listing presentation. What an experienced agent can do is to make sure that your transaction goes smoothly, that you avoid pitfalls and if you are a seller, that you never have a problem after the close of escrow or if you are buying a home that there are no surprises that weren't uncovered during the inspection periods.

Ellis Posner - Agent at Shorewood Realtors, Inc