Redondo Beach Real Estate Agent Ellis Posner Outsells Other South Bay Brokerages!

During 2013, I closed 9 sales in North Redondo Beach (out of 24 total sales for the year). I was curious as to how I did compared to some of the competition. As usual, everything is not what it may seem.

Based on data through the date of the blog post, my 9 Redondo Beach transactions puts me on equal footing with such Real Estate Brokerages as E Real Estate Corp, Real Estate West, and Scott Anastasi Realty all of whom reported 9 sales each. It puts me just behind Palm Realty Boutique, Home Team Realty, and CB M/C each of which had 11 sales. Redfin also reported 11 sales under 2 separate sales IDs which is pretty astonishing to me considering that everyone and their brother is walking around with the Redfin mobile app. What can I say other than they have great technology but what must be a very poorly implemented field plan. Now if I could only have every buyer in town walking around with my mobile app...

With 2 weeks to go this year, the final numbers may be subject to change.
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