Price Your Redondo Beach Home to Sell and Receive Multiple Offers!

And most likely you'll get multiple offers ABOVE the MLS listing price.

This is a continuation of my "Seller's Tip" Series of Blog posts in which I share with homeowners current Real Estate 'Best Practices" to sell for the most money AND keep more of your net proceeds in your pocket (where the money belongs).

Redondo Beach Real Estate remains in high demand even with the run up in values of close to 20% during 2013. While we are not expecting to see anything like that again this year, (due to increased interest rates and tighter lending standards), prices are still on the rise and homes that are market properly are selling quickly with multiple offers above the asking price (as I discuss in the video below).

Let me give you a few examples from recent sales and share some data with you.

There were 41 sales (closed escrows) in 90278 during December2013. Of those 13 homes sold for above the MLS list price. If my math is right that's 31% of the sales. And, I'm only counting those properties that sold for more than they were listed for.

Here's the Top 10 properties that sold for over asking price:

LP = List Price and SP = Sold Price

In future posts we'll look at the correlation between selling price, days on market, and other factors that determine what your listing price should be in order to maximize your sales price.

Remember that even though it runs counter intuitive to how you may have bought or sold in the past, pricing below the market creates the most offers in the shortest time and the highest final sales price.