Open Houses for Sale North Redondo Beach CA 90278

There's at least 37 Open Houses scheduled over this coming weekend March 29-30th in North Redondo Beach CA. I say "at least" because many agents fail to enter the Open House in the MLS and just opt to put some signs the street or an ad in Digs for the Beach Report. Makes no sense to me because once the OH is in the MLS it is syndicated out to all the public facing websites such as Zillow, Trulia, and others. 

Speaking of Open Houses, I'll be at my listing at 2114 Huntington Lane Unit A on Sat-Sun from 1-4. If you are in the market for a 4 bedroom townhouse in the mid $800's, come on by. Or come by anyway if you want to talk Beach Cities Real Estate. Here's what you can see March 29-30:

If it seems to you that the price point for North Redondo Beach Real Estate has moved up, you are absolutely correct. Under $500K almost doesn't exist anymore (for the most part) and what was once a $600-800K market is now more like a $750-950K price point. At the open house I did last week, I was not entirely surprised to hear a number of buyers express the sentiment that while they thought they could find what they wanted for up to $800K, that they now realize they have to go higher.

Even so, most of these homes make more sense to own than to rent. While interest rates have certainly gone up from the absolute low point, they are still historically extremely low in the mid 4's for most people on most products. I'm also seeing more buyers doing 5, 7, and10 year ARMs which seem to make a lot of sense in many instances depending on how long you plan to be in the house.

Different topic, using my IDX to search for Open Houses. Go to and the search map will pop up. Type in whatever city or zip code you want, and then open up the Open House tab and choose "this weekend". You'll see the properties that are open. Works best Thursday and after most weeks.

If you see any homes you need more information on, call me. And if you really want to write an offer call about my special buyer programs to save on escrow fees, closing costs, inspections, and more only available when I am your agent.