Should I Sell My Home in Redondo Beach Now or Wait?

My advice is if you have made up your mind to sell, the timing could not be better. If you are not sure, probably better to wait and I may be the only Realtor saying that! Here's why.

The market condition are prime for Sellers right now. But, as we get further into the traditional busiest season and as prices continue to rise, more homeowners will be listing their properties. That will not only make for more competition but most likely will put a lid on the runaway price escalation we have seen. So, if you are moving, there's no reason to wait.

Even if you get an offer day one, you will have 30 days and most likely we can negotiate a leaseback after COE of up to another 30 days and 60 days in some instances. Buyers are very accommodating because the inventory is so low in North Redondo Beach. In some instances, I have even been able to negotiate a FREE leaseback for the Sellers.

What is holding many homeowners back from listing their properties is uncertainty as to where they will move. Let's face it, most people are not going to be very comfortable, particularly with a family, about not knowing where they are going. An option is that you can list your home contingent on finding a replacement property. If you are not sure how that all works, contact me and I'll walk you through it. Best though, not to miss this prime Selling Season.

Pricing Update

As of early March 2014, we are seeing newer 4 bedroom detached townhouses listed for over $900K with new construction selling for $1M. Resale attached and detached 4 bedroom 2 on a lots are going well into the $800's with some 3 bedroom detached units being listed in the high $7's to low $8's.

As for 3 on a lot townhomes, the larger newer resales are being priced in the mid to high $7's as well if you can find one. In particular demand are 4 bedroom units because many buyers have been priced out of the 2 on a lot market. Expect to pay over $800K for 4 bedroom larger new construction 3 on a lots with no common driveway.

Golden Hills remains extremely hot. Your standard 1888 sq ft reverse floorplan SFRS are selling in the mid to high $800's. Older smaller properties are still changing hands in the $7's.

If you budget is under $600K in North Redondo Beach, expect to be looking at a 2 bedroom. In the mid to high $5's that may be a larger 2 bedroom and if it is a larger complex you will have HOA dues in the mid $300's per month. (Many 2 and 3 on a lots have inactive HOAs.)