Selling Your Home? Here's Some Useful Tips

The absolute quickest and least expensive way to improve the selling price of your home is to "declutter". And I mean remove everything that is non essential for daily living, comfort, and enjoyment or that otherwise may (I'm sorry) turn off buyers. When you think you've taken everything you can possibly do without to the garage, start again and remove more. Here's why.

Buyers most likely are looking at a number of homes the day they come to see yours. After a while their heads are already cluttered. When they then come into a house that, as we say, "doesn't show well", nothing sticks. What we are really trying to achieve at viewings (other than getting an all cash offer over the MLS list price on the spot) is a second showing which will lead to an offer. 

As soon as your home is on the market, it is a "product" that you want to show off and display in the best possible light. You wouldn't go to a job interview dressed as you do going to the gym (unless you are interviewing to be a personal trainer). Treat your home, your greatest asset with at least the same respect.

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