Ellis Posner Sells Redondo Beach Real Estate

Going right down to the wire, I had 2 sales close on NYE. Both were, of course, North Redondo beach 3 on a lot townhomes. Yes, readers, I know that is a huge surprise.

What was actually a surprise (well not really) is that my buyer clients both got very good deals. 2717 Grant is a 2 bedroom that sold for $450K. It was remodeled, move in ready, and very bright and open. I doubt we'll be seeing a many under $500K properties in 90278 in 2015.

The second sale on NYE, 2514 Vanderbilt Unit C, which required a "special recording", actually closed at about 5 PM. You can't be cutting it any closer than that for sure. I'll write more about special recordings on another post. The short version is that while the standard practice in LA County is to fund one day and record the next, there is an alternative solution in emergency situations. You can read more about these 2 sales at ellisposner.com.

During 2014 I actually closed 24 transactions, or as agents refer to it, "sides" (of business). Of those, 10 were in North Redondo Beach. Of the 10 90278 sales, 5 were listings and 5 were buyer deals. As I often mention, I try to keep my business about 50/50 by design. Not only do I truly enjoy working with buyers, doing so also helps provide great perspective for my seller clients because I can share with them how their listing will be viewed by buyers based on first hand experience. There's no substitute for walking into a home with buyer clients and seeing it through their eyes. Believe it or not, this helps me sell my listings for more because I know how to stage and present homes based on current market conditions.

A little more on my 10 Redondo Beach sales in 2014. Seven were townhomes including four 3 on a lots and two 2 on a lots. Two sales were in Golden Hills (Tall & Skinny SFRs), one was a SFR teardown in The TRW tract. Two homes were sold "off market" and I "double sided" one transaction.

For 2015 you can expect a very healthy and active market in North Redondo Beach as it remains one of the most affordable coastal communities in LA County with an excellent quality of life, schools, shopping, entertainment, freeway access and more.