Redondo Beach Luxury Homes Defined

Luxury Real Estate Redondo Beach CA
I'm often asked for a definition of what Realtors mean when we refer to "luxury" homes. Great question and surprisingly there are no clear cut definition anywhere. For many people what immediately comes to mind is the waterfront house (or at least an ocean, lake, or river view). For others its the country estate, horse property, mountain ski chalet, city penthouse, golf course adjacent, or trophy house. So the definition very much is also a function of location.

In Southern CA often generic MacMansions get thrown into the bucket of luxury homes. But does size alone matter? And then there's my favorite, the ones real estate agents describe as "Executive" homes. Does that mean a Doctor or small business owner can;t live there? Who knows what that one means.

By definition, you can assume that luxury homes are not cheap.  (I meant inexpensive.) But they may not be large either or expensive relative to other properties in the area. For example, $1,000,000 in Manhattan Beach will get you a lot less than in Redondo Beach or Hermosa. I don't think anyone would consider the 2/1 East Manhattan Beach "starter" listed for $1.2M to be a luxury property. On the other hand for $1.2M in North Redondo you most likely are in a property I would consider to be in the luxury category.

Here's how I define luxury homes.

"A fit, finish, style and other amenities above and beyond what is commonly found in the surrounding neighborhood that offer a lifestyle above and beyond basic housing requirements. Most likley, but not always priced at the high end of the market. More precisely, I know it when I see it, lol."

In the upper left hand corner is an example of what I consider to be a luxury Single Family Residence in North Redondo Beach CA. Other than the $1.6M price tag (not a typo) why do I consider this to be a luxury property?

First, the size and lot size far exceeds what is common in that neighborhood (Golden Hills). Most other homes are on 2500 sq ft lots and are about 2000 sq ft, 1203 Goodman is over 3000 sq ft per the builder. The common configuration is 3 bedrooms, this home is 5.

The kitchen features a high end stainless (of course) double oven with six burners. The fit and finish are superb and better than usually found in the neighborhood. And the location at the Hermosa Beach border is almost as far west as you can go in Redondo Beach and highly desirable. Plus curb appeal that makes it stand out.

The same home in the Manhattan Beach Tree Section, and it is very similar to homes built there, would be at least $1M more but only average in that neighborhood (do I hear Executive?). That's not to diminish from this home at all, only to underscore how important location is in also defining luxury.

Would the same home in South Redondo Beach still be considered a luxury property? Sure, especially if it was on the Avenues, Esplanade, or had a view. It would also sell for considerably more. Could you spend $1.6M in the Hollywood Riviera and not be a luxury home. Definitely.

In another post I will parse the "luxury" label a little further and explore the same concept in sub categories (Townhomes, Tall and Skinny, remodels, etc.)

Let me leave you with this thought. In a luxury home, the house becomes not only part of your life, but lifestyle as opposed to just a place to eat, sleep and park your car.

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