Redondo Beach Townhouse for Sale: 3 on a lot "C" Unit

No sooner had my listing at 2417 Grant Ave Unit B in Redondo Beach sold than another homeowner on the adjoining lot also wanted to list their home. 2419 Grant Ave Unit C is a rear unit (with yard) 3 on a lot townhome with only one common wall. You can check out the property website at

Right now, demand is very high for both 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom attached townhomes. Pricing is all over the place but for anything newer larger or with special features expect to pay over $700K. (2417 Grant sold for $725,000 after 5 days on the market.) 2419 Grant is listed for $749,000 and I guarantee it will sell for higher when all is said and done. Some new construction on Rockefeller sold well into the high $8's (almost $900K) and I have sold Casner resales for over $800K.

At the other end of the spectrum, older more worn out (tired) units may sell in the $6's. FYI, if you have one of those, call me. I can help you prepare and stage even older homes to sell for top dollar. Whether you are buying or selling, the general rule of thumb (all else being equal) is that the end units sell for more with most likely a higher value on the rear end townhouse in most instances. 4 bedroom units, of which there are fewer, have come roaring back into popularity as many buyers, particularly first time buyers, have been priced out of 2 on a lots. I'm seeing some overlap, or as I like to say, "inversion" in pricing with older 2 on a lots selling for less than newer 3's.

If you are not familiar with these properties, 3 on a lot townhomes are one of the most common forms of housing in Redondo Beach with far more of these being found in North Redondo Beach than South Redondo Beach. In North Redondo Beach these are primarily found on the streets just south of Artesia Blvd, Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Grant. There are also some three on a lot townhomes north of Artesia Blvd on Mathews as well as east of Rindge on Nelson, Voorhees, Ruhland etc between the power lines and Inglewood Ave.

My listing at 2419 Grant does have an exclusive use backyard and A/C which is rare for the area. This one has the 3 bedroom floorplan with 2 bedrooms downstairs and one upstairs. Granite, wood, marble, travertine and west facing for lots of light. It is in terrific move in condition.