Zillow Top Picks for Redondo Beach Realtors

Ellis Posner - ZIllow Top Rated Agent Redondo Beach
There's a tab on the Zillow website called "Agent Finder" where they rank the Top Agents for each city based on metrics that Zillow measures (not necessarily MLS data). They are looking at listings, reviews, sales, and other metrics as reported on their site. I was very flattered and honored to recently see that I was number one in 3 out of six categories and in the top 3 the other times. Well at least for today because these rankings can change anytime. I should have 3 more Redondo Beach transactions closing before April 15th and that may boost me into the top spot in a few other categories. (Please note - Zillow also reports on "Teams", these rankings are for individual producers.) It also looks like Zillow has now made a very smart improvement in that they break out local activity compared to overall activity in Agent Finder if you are looking at Realtor profiles. (Graphic left.)

Here's what they measured and my rankings:

1) Most Active - Number One
2) Most Recent Sales - Number Three
3) Best Local Reviews - Number One
4) Most Listings - Number Four
5) Top Buyer's Agent - Number One
6) Top Listing Agent - Number Two

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