Homes for Sale in North Redondo Beach CA: Inventory Picking Up

Redondo Beach SFR for Sale
Finally! A "reasonable" number of homes listed for sale. And if not now, when? This is, after all, supposed to be the peak season for real estate activity (although I can honestly say I've been busy year round for quite a while.

As of this blog post there are 60 active MLS listings in North Redondo Beach (90278). There's been a number of months recently when we've been under 50 and sometimes in the low 40's. During April, there were 47 closed escrows so this represents slightly over 30 days of inventory. There are currently 66 homes in escrow (MLS status "backup" or "pending".) By any objective measurement, this is still a Seller's market but one with just a little more choice than 60 or 90 days ago.

If you are looking for a 3 bedroom in North Redondo right now and want more than 1000 sq ft and on a quieter side street, you'll have to pony up at least $600K. (There are some smaller 2 bedrooms in the $5's.) Whereas for many years the "sweet spot" may have been between $600-800K, now desirability is more in the $750-950K range. That's a trend that has been emerging over the past 18 months or so.
Probably the biggest surprise to me which I've been writing about over the past few months, is the emergence of 90278 as a million dollar zip code. There's still a lot of options under one million but if the current trends hold, that's going to be the minimum price point to get into anything nicer in Golden Hills or for a larger SFR, or detached 2 on a lot. A large driver of this trend is that even at $1M plus, North Redondo is more affordable than the surrounding Beach Cities (including South Redondo Beach). And you can have 90% of the same lifestyle crossing Aviation Blvd from East Manhattan Beach at less than half the price. That's a pretty good tradeoff. 

North Redondo Beach Homes over $1M List Price
Once you get over $1M you start to get a lot for your money. At least in your humble Real Estate Agent's opinion.