Selling Your Home in Redondo Beach CA

We have been in a very strong "Seller's Market" for quite a while. In fact, many people fear we are in a bubble. Or if not a bubble an unsustainable cycle of accelerated prices.

There are still 3 key elements to a successful sale of your home. What I refer to as the 3 P's:
  • Price
  • Presentation
  • Plan
By price, I am referring to pricing your home to get the most visibility and activity in the shortest period of time. Real Estate is not like fine wine and listings tend to not age well.

Presentation is everything from staging to professional photography, videos, property websites etc.

And most important is the plan. You wouldn't start a new business venture without a plan so why would you sell your house without one.

Here's the outline of how I work a plan:

Every property is unique and different so contact me directly for a personalized market assessment and plan to sell your home.