Are You A First Time Home Buyer in Redondo Beach CA?

Are you buying a home in Redondo Beach CA?

Redondo Beach CA is currently one of the hottest housing markets in coastal LA County with far more buyers looking for properties than are available for sale.
So whether you are a first time home buyer or have bought and sold multiple properties, hopefully you'll find this guide to be of use.

Let's first start with the reasons as to why Redondo Beach housing demand is so high right now.
  • Affordability
  • Location
  • Schools
Affordability: You simply get more home for your investment dollar in Redondo Beach than any other beach community in LA or Orange County. Two bedroom condos are available starting in the low $500's with nice 3 bedroom townhomes 1600 SqFt or larger starting in the high $6's. Are you going to have an ocean view at that price. Probably not, but you will be able to drive, bike or walk to the beach in 5-10 mins. You can also still purchase a nice single family house for less than $1M. It may be on a smaller lot but you own the land.
If you need more space and/or bedrooms, let's say over 2000 SqFt and 4 bedrooms, there are both attached and detached townhomes starting in the high $800's. I've long held that these 4 bedroom townhomes are some of the best deals available anywhere in the area and it seems as if many buyers are now agreeing as well.

If you like new construction, there has been a fairly healthy amount of building going on. Often new homes will sell prior to ever being in the MLS. Pricing is high but still not unreasonable. New construction 3 on a lot townhomes will be priced in the very high $800's and over $900K. Pricing on new 2 on a lots seems to have leveled off at around $1.2M. SFRs depending on lot size will go for $1.3M up to over $2M if they are on the "Avenues" in South Redondo Beach or west of PCH.

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Following are examples of homes I've recently sold in North Redondo Beach. For south Redondo Beach examples visit

This is an example of a Golden Hills "Tall and Skinny" SFR. One of the hottest neighborhoods right now comprised of primarily SFRs. Sold for $930,000 mid 2015.

This is what is referred to as an "attached" 3 on a lot townhouse with 3 bedrooms. 2.5 baths and an exclusive use backyard. Sold for $765,000 mid 2015.

This property was an oversized 2 on a lot attached townhouse. Sold late 2014 for $1,079,000 but would most likely go for $1,150,000 today.