Contemporary New Construction Redondo Beach Golden Hills SFR

Open and Bright Living Room
So you're probably thinking this is the part where I gush about how we don't have enough contemporary and modern construction in the South Bay and we need more steel and glass and less Spanish, Mediterranean, and stucco. Exactly right so I'll spare you the usual rant and move right on to a new listing I saw that I was very excited about.

If you've been out and about in the Redondo Beach Golden Hills recently, you may have seen these twin contemporary Tall & Skinnies being built in a great location on Stanford (1500 block). Actually the exact address is 1504 Stanford Ave.

The builder says these are 2200 SqFt but they feel larger to me. Possibly its the 2 floor ceilings in the living room, or the third floor loft with roof deck, or all the windows and light but these houses just felt large.

Unlike some other recent attempts I've seen at this style, these two just totally nail it with everything done right. There may be a question as to how well this ages, so we'll have to wait and see on that front. Other than that, I thought very reasonably priced at $1.425M.

Here's some more pics.
Contemporary Golden Hills Tall and Skinny

To Die for Kitchen

Office Built Ins
Listed by Merit Real Estate - Amir Amiri