How Much is My Redondo Beach Golden Hills Tall and Skinny House Really Worth?

Redondo Beach Golden Hills Home Prices have increased

Redondo Beach Real Estate has seen substantial price acceleration over the past 18 months and many homes are now selling at or even above previous market highs. One of the neighborhoods experiencing the largest price gains in the Redondo Beach Golden Hills (designated as MLS Area 154 to Realtors). Appraisers are struggling to keep up with what appears to be new highs every week.

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The graph above captures data for the standard 3 bedroom Tall and Skinny on a 2500 SqFt lot. Within that segment there are obvious variations based on age, updates and whether the property has 2 or 2.5 baths (even though I am seeing 2 bathroom floorplans often selling at similar prices to 2.5). Homes on larger lots or some of the 3 story over 2000 SqFt properties have different pricing models.

If you are selling a home in the Golden Hills, currently the "Gold Standard" (no pun intended, lol) is to price right at or slightly below the market in order to get multiple offers over the asking price.

That's how I recently marketed my listing at 1719 Dixon St
Golden Hills Tall and Skinny sold for over list price
This property received a ton of activity, multiple offers, and was quickly in escrow and sold for $81,000 over the asking price.

Here's some other Golden Hills data you might find useful.

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