Redondo Beach Housing Price Index | Single Family Residences

North Redondo Beach SFR Housing Price Index

While the graphic below shows some very nice price appreciation in North Redondo Beach Single Family Residences (SFR) if anything it seems light to me most likely because I'm dealing with what can be purchased today and are thinking of some recent pendings that are not showing up yet in the sold data.

Its curious bit I have been using that number of around $500 SqFt from the current marjet snapshot and then adjusting up or down based on other factors and considerations such as age, size, condition, amenities, lot size etc. It is also my metric for townhomes and condos.

Using the prototypical Golden Hills 1880 SqFt "Tall & Skinny" as an example, at $500 SqFt we're at a price of around $950,000 which these days gets you a 1980s property that has some updates. For something with a view, totally remodeled (ie the recent Goodman listing) or newer you can expect to add about $50K until you get to the price point of new construction which in the Golden Hills can be $1.3M to $1.4M.

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Graphic courtesy of Teles Properties Micro Market Report.