Selling a Home in Redondo Beach CA | Staging Tips

Staged Redondo Beach Home compared to Vacant
There's really only one very simple message and tip on this: have your home professionally staged before you put it on the market. In fact, if I am your listing agent I will have it staged for you, and pay for it too! (More on that later.)

The composite picture above of my recent listing and sale at 1719 Dixon St in the Redondo Beach Golden Hills shows the same room staged and vacant. You tell me which one you find more appealing and attractive.

There's a number of reasons professional staging is so powerful.
First is that while most people may be "visual" they tend to not visualize very well and I hope you get the difference between the two. If not, here's what I mean.

It is one thing to be moved or influenced by the appearance of a property. It is entirely another to be creative enough to be able to see a home's ultimate potential when it is vacant, cluttered or just plain doesn't show well.

Which brings me to another point.

You dress well for a job interview or first date (I assume). Why wouldn't you want to "dress" your house up for the most important interview or date of its life? Well at least during the time you are the owner. And that is the (professional) photo shoot and the first showings and open house. If you price it right and it present well, there really won't be many opens or showings and you'll get top dollar.

Case in point is 1719 Dixon (again). I listed that house for $849,000 and after receiving 8 offers it sold for $930,000. Wow. Unstaged? Maybe we would have gotten $879,000.

Another power of staging is that your home is competing for buyers against other properties that are staged. And by presenting your home (for sale) at its best, it also shows prospective buyers that you respect the property and process which makes it less likely that you will get low ball offers and more likely you will get multiple offers.

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Here's the more on that later section......

Yes, if you list with me I will pay for your staging done by the stager of my choice. Certain other conditions apply to this offer so contact me for details.