North Redondo Beach Real Estate for Sale

North Redondo Beach, 90278, remains one of the hottest real estate markets in Los Angeles County with nowhere near enough available listings to meet buyer demand. In other words a classic "seller's market".

How hot?

Consider this. Of the 43 sales which closed escrow during September 2015 23 properties went above the MLS list price. Here they are:

Some of these sold substantially above the list price. For example, 1639 Steinhart was listed for $1,099,000 and sold for $1,160,000. Not surprised. It has a much larger floorplan than you typically find in Golden Hills Tall & Skinny SFRs. A smaller Golden Hills house at 1718 Goodman went for $25K above the asking price but 1635 Goodman, which had some amazing updates sold for $1,020,000 after being listed at $969,000. What I can share about Golden Hills is that the desirable properties that are price right will get multiple offers very quickly. On the other hand, if the house is ordinary or over priced the buyers let it sit there.

But not every property sells for that much over. Sometimes it only takes a few thousand dollars extra to get it done.

Equally interesting, at least if you are a buyer are the ones that sell for under the MLS asking price. And by under I mean under the last price not the original list price.

A good example would be a townhouse listed on Manhattan Beach Blvd for $699,000 but which sold for $655,000 50 days later. To compensate for a main street you have to adjust the price and most likely if this one was listed at $649K out of the gate it would have gone for higher than it initially sold for.

Some more observations.

MLS Area 151 which is found North of Artesia Blvd had 14 sales, about 1/3 of what closed escrow.
MLS AREA 152, South of Artesia Blvd had 19 sales just crushing the other North Redondo Beach neighborhoods. There were 7 sales in Golden Hills and which I consider a very healthy showing and only 3 in El Nido.

Prices ranged from $399K for a one bedroom at 2750 Artesia Blvd up to $1.3M for a SFR in Golden Hills on a 5000 SqFt lot.