Guest Bedrooms | Make Your Holiday Visitors Comfortable

Chances are that either you will have some guests during the Holiday season or you may be a guest in someone else's home. While your guests most likely don't expect hotel like amenities, being a good host often entails more than throwing a blanket on the convertible couch.

So whether you have a dedicated guest room, a pull out in your home office, a Murphy bed or anything in between, here's some ideas to make your guests comfortable. 

1) Make it easy for your guests to charge their phones, tablets, and laptops. Generic docking stations or strategically placed power strips go a long way.

2) You guests may not have brought their bedroom slippers. If you have wood floors, put down a nice throw rug.

3) I'm not the only one who likes midnight snacks. Well actually 1 AM for me. Leave some munchies out in the kitchen and let them know they can help themselves.
4) Adequate window coverings. Your guests may be coming from a different time zone and not want to get up at the crack of dawn local time.

5) Make it easy to turn lights on and off. If you don't have nightstands maybe bedside sconces.

6) Pillows, pillows and more pillows. And leave some extra blankets. Everyone is different.

7) Even if they are in a nearby guest bath, you want to leave an adequate supply of tissues.