Redondo Beach Real Estate Brokers and Realty Companies

As the real estate industry goes through consolidation we've seen a fair amount of change in the local landscape relative to Brokerages and Realty companies. While some of the old names such as Shorewood Realtors remain (albeit under new management) others such as South Bay Brokers and Moore and Associates have been rolled up, acquired consolidated into bigger, often franchise based shops.

So what's going on?

Well we're seeing tectonic change son two major fronts.

The first is that large regional local independents that specialized in certain markets have been rolled up into larger franchise based brands. For example Realogy owns Sotheby's, Coldewell Banker, Corcoran, and on the lower end Century 21 and ERA. They also own Cartus which is a major relocation company serving a lot of Fortune 500 and other global enterprises. Realogy's value proposition, at least according to their website is in providing a full spectrum of services to the clients of their franchisees. Interesting. Oh, and they are each independently owned and operated. So not real vertical integration in a meaningful way.

Also in the franchise model you have RE/MAX which has long been a player in Redondo Beach and Keller Williams also a local powerhouse. I could go on about these companies but the basic theme is a) franchise based (fees to franchisees) and b) built on the old real estate brokerage model.

Then you have some newer West Side (ie Beverly Hills based) companies such as Teles, The Agency, etc also moving into the South Bay. Maybe they noticed we have some expensive properties here.

(Full disclosure, this author is a Teles agent.)

These companies tend to fill the hyper local space previously inhabited by the Shorewood Realtors, South Bay Brokers, etc. That is top local agents who know and work in the community and are neighborhood specialists. Consider this to be the "new breed" or Real Estate 3.0.

These companies are usually much newer entrants, built from the ground up on technology and offering their agents a full menu of services to support the agent as opposed to foist all related real estate services on the client.

And therein lies the difference because from this perspective if whatever you are doing does not benefit the buyer or seller, why bother?