First Time Buyer Programs and Special Offers | Cash Back

Ellis Posner Redondo Beach Real Estate Listings

At an open house I did this weekend at 1508 Carver St in the Redondo Beach Golden Hills, there were over 100 people each day. Considering that there were only 33 properties on the market in 90278 this weekend (including Carver), there simply is not enough inventory to meet buyer demand.

The most common refrain I heard over and over again is that buyers had missed out on numerous properties with all the multiple offers, all cash buyers and other and other road blocks to buying a home these days.

But that's not what I am writing about right now.

One Buyer came up to me and rather shyly asked if I would give the buyer's anything back (ie some sort of commission rebate) if I represented them on my listing. And the answer is a resounding YES!


In fact,  I offer many of my First Time Buyer clients up to $5,000 (from commission) to help pay their closing costs whether it is my listing or someone else's. Of course there are certain restrictions to the program and not everyone gets $5K. But, this is real money you are saving. And, quite frankly, if you don't want the $5K, I have no problem keeping it for my marketing budget.

To be eligible you have to either sign up at or just contact me directly and ask about the program.

I get a lot of questions as to why I do this. I sort of answered it above. I can spend the money on marketing or spend the money on my clients directly. And, it is very likely that when your get $5,000 of your closing costs paid for by me (or your house painted, or new floors or appliances) you will tell your friends about the great service you got from me and the money back. It is also highly likely that one of your friends will then contact me to represent them on their purchase or sale. For anyone using me to both Buy and Sell Real Estate, the savings will be HUGE.

In the old days we used to call this "Win-Win". I think it is just good business.