"Lifestyle" Buyers Work from Home Offices

Do YOU work from a Home Office?

I think we all should recognize the following trends over the last 10-15 years. More workers either "tele-commute", work from home, or own their own business that they can run from anywhere. So remember those days of everyone putting on "business" clothes and heading to the office? Over for many of us and office space is down for most companies. Those that do have offices are going to different concepts ie "flexible" and "creative" space.

So for those not hanging out in Starbucks with their laptop, they have most likely converted a room of their house, or at least a corner, into a home office. Nothing new about that but with the sheer numbers of people falling into this bucket, the requirements on home SqFt, which have certainly gone up is more than just ego: it is a requirement.

All this is part of the trend of the lifestyle buyer, a broad term that encompasses many needs but goes beyond just home offices. So, here's an interesting graphic related to the differential between the loss of commercial office space and the growth of home office space.

I always ask my buyers if they need space for a home office. Many people need a dedicated space but some just need a nook or cranny where they can set up shop and have some peace and quiet. because many families need 4 bedrooms I see the trend in new construction to be that when possible there is a loft or bonus area to accommodate this or other needs.