Selling Redondo Beach Real Estate | First Remove the Clutter

As soon as most Redondo Beach homeowners decide to list their home for sale they start to consider all kinds of improvements so that they can maximize their selling price. Often they overlook the simplest, most cost effective thing you can do which is to declutter. Just get rid of all that "stuff". And it is not expensive to do.

So why do home owners hang on to most things? Great question. We've all (including yours truly) collected lots of things over the years that we either think we can't live without or that has some sentimental value or that we will use someday. Might be true but if that's the case either move the items you really don't need to the garage or rent a storage space.

What I've noticed over the years is that when buyers are looking at multiple properties on any given day they get easily distracted and by the time they get home often can't remember one from the other. Which is why presenting your home in the most pristine and professional way possible is of the utmost importance.

Additionally, it is a tendency of buyers to think that if your home is "messy" it has not been taken care of and there is deferred maintenance and other issues. While that may or may not be true, there's no reason to not make your home look as good as possible. I'll bet that you wore some nice clothes to that job interview or first date.

So after you've removed the clutter, what comes next?

Each situation is different but I would highly recommend painting any rooms that are a dark color something more neutral, replacing stained and worn carpet with something fresher and if the house is vacant you want to stage it.

Here's some pics of homes I think "present well".