Golden Hills: Location Location Location

There's a number of reasons we have seen such high demand for homes in the Redondo Beach Golden Hills recently but at the end of the day we can primarily attribute it to location, location, location. This is even more evident in the far northwest corner of MLS Area 154 where you are 2-3 blocks from Hermosa or Manhattan Beach at a fraction of the cost. Well if not a fraction, certainly 25-50% less anyway.

As the drone goes up you can see that it really is an easy bike ride and for some a walk or jog down to the beach. Not just me saying so. As the camera pans around you not only see that Manhattan Beach is just steps away across Artesia Blvd but also that you are further west than many homes located in East Manhattan Beach. Did I mention at a fraction of the cost?

And on a clear day like this you can see those mountains which are visible from many homes and sometimes even are snow capped. When we're not having a drought that is.