Web Appeal is the New Curb Appeal

Back in the old days, remember those, not so long ago, the first useful visual a potential buyer may have seen of your home for sale was when they drove up. Curb appeal. Paint the outside, mow the lawn, plant some nice flowers, etc. Not so much anymore.

Now, by the time a buyer shows up to look at your home, they will have likely toured it via online photos, videos, virtual tours, 3D tours, drone photos and who knows what else comes down the line.

So, what's the implication of all this?

First, your home needs to look its absolute best when the listing photos are taken. And that means professional hi resolution photos by a professional photographer. I can't believe that I still see photos online that have clearly been taken on agent's phones. Really.

By looking its best we mean that the clutter is removed, lighting is optimized, and it is "staged" whether professionally or just doing your best to make it look so. You know, make the bed and fluff up the pillows.

Second, it’s important to include all the home’s best features in the online listing photos. Whether it be a hot tub, a large backyard or a great roof deck, your buyers should know what to expect when they arrive for a showing or open house. You do not need to show each and every room, a little mystery is ok.

Third, the photos should tell a story and draw the prospective buyer in. You need to get their interest.

Fourth in "web appeal" is you have to include some form of video, 3D, drone or something attention getting. But keep the attention getters short. No one is going to watch a 5 minute video of your house.

Presentation counts, both in person and online.