How to Get that Modern Look in Your Redondo Beach Home

We're seeing more new construction homes in Redondo Beach being built with a contemporary or modern look which is my preferred style in most instances. A question I frequently get, whether it relates to staging listings or just refreshing the home you live in, is how can you "modernize" the look and feel of your home.
  • Minimize and keep the essentials only
  • Clean lines, neutral palettes and  pared down decorating
  • Use strong shapes like squares and rectangles create an effect count
  • Keep it simple. Minimalism and Modernism complement each other
  • For high style use high contrast, ie blacks and whites in the same space
  • Glass and stainless steel are must haves as are wood tones
I often write about the value of decluttering when it is time to put your home on the market. For living in the house and creating a modern effect you are going further than simply removing the clutter.

A good rule of thumb to get a modern look is to remove everything from a room you think you don't need and them find something else to take out.

Remember that modernism is a thing. There is no "contemporary-ism".

Here's some examples of modern.

Nice Use of Angles and Shapes
New Construction Contemporary Townhome Redondo Beach CA

Black and White Contrast

Classic Modern Pieces and use of Wood

Seeing more of these 2 tone kitchens