Remodeling Your Redondo Beach Kitchen

The biggest deal killer for many buyers is often a tired old kitchen that just needs a lot of work or a total gut job. Conversely, updated contemporary kitchens in older properties will often make the sale.

One of the challenges for updating kitchens in Redondo Beach is that often we just don't have that much space to work with. Or budget. So let me share a few ideas with you.

If your basic layout is good but you have the 1980's cabinets and drop ceiling there are a number of reasonably cost effective upgrades starting with removing the drop ceiling and putting in a few recessed lights or at least some eclectic lighting from Ikea. A few hundred dollars total in most instances.

First you can do a refacing or resurfacing. That's a process where entirely new cabinet doors, hardware and drawers are brought in and then a veneer is matched to the remainder of the exposed wood. Depending on who does the job and the size of the kitchen this may run anywhere from $8,000 up to $15,000.

A far less expensive solution, which I've also seen done with great success is just painting the cabinets. Some companies use a lacquer and others just, well paint the cabinets. Depends on what look you do. This can run anywhere from $2,000-$5000 with new hardware.

If you have some more budget and old white appliances, spending $3-5K on new stainless steel might be a good investment to consider. Backsplashes and counters can cost more to install but these days many buyers prefer some of the alternative materials to granite and the price can come down.

Here's my rule of thumb for most updates for sellers.

Sometimes you spend $10K and get $20K back but that is not too common. More likely if you wisely invest $7-10K you may bring a dated looking home up to "hot property" status and not only sell at or above the market price but even start a bidding war. Not sure what to do? Just call me for a free consultation.