New Construction Homes for Sale Redondo Beach CA

There's nothing quite like being the first owner of a new home. If you are thinking of buying new construction in Redondo Beach CA you are in luck because there's a lot of great properties to choose from. You will find attached and detached 2 on a lot townhomes and SFRs in both North and South Redondo Beach CA.

Expect to spend at least $1M for a townhome and up to $3M for an ocean view mansion with detached 2 on a lots coming out at around $1.4M in N Redondo and $1.5-$1.7M in South Redondo Beach.

Trends are:
  • Contemporary Exteriors
  • Farmhouse Modern
  • Open Interiors
  • Lighter Finishes
  • Higher End Appliances
Check out the Gallery to get an idea of what I am referring to: