Best Places to Live in CA? Try Redondo Beach

Is Redondo Beach one of the best places to live in California?

If you've been watching the rapid price appreciation in Redondo Beach over the last year or so and wondering what's going on, here's a tidbit for you. A few weeks ago I randomly clicked on one of those "sponsored" ads that show up in our apps and social media that was titled something like "The Ten Best Places to Live in CA". I thought the picture above looked kind of familiar and guess what? Surprise, surprise, Redondo Beach was #1. Really.

Here's what they had to say:

"Many people want to live in California to enjoy its beautiful, sandy coastline and the Pacific Ocean. If you are on of those people, then Redondo Beach, located in the South Bay of Los Angeles is the place for you."

Well you might as well read the full excerpt yourself. Here's a screen shot.

I guess that's the expanded version of my usual list of affordability, schools, beaches, quality of life, commute and did I mention great value for your investment dollar?

Newly empowered, I did some further research and found that while my little town (or rather city) doesn't always show up on Best Places to live lists, when it does, it rates very high.

That's some pretty nice nice company we're in above. Wow.