Staged Homes in Redondo Beach CA Sell for Higher Prices!

Staged Homes Sell for Higher Prices

We've all heard that a "picture is worth a thousand words" and nowhere does that ring truer than in marketing you home for sale. Most buyers will first view properties they are interested on the Internet or via some mobile device and after a few pictures they know if they are interested or not. And you have just a few seconds, maybe 6, before most buyers will decide to move on to the next listing or not.

I always use professional photographers on all my listings and am very surprised to still see other agents taking photos on the phones and posting those shots to the MLS. Even on multi million dollar properties. Really.

I'm also surprised by how many homes just aren't prepared or are vacant. I can share with you for a fact that staged homes sell for higher prices. And I'm not just talking about staging vacant properties. I currently have a few listings that are still being lived in but we've staged them anyway.

And with my current FREE STAGING OFFER for my Seller clients there simply isn't any valid reason not to show your home off to its best advantage. After all, if you were going on a job interview you probably wouldn't

So since a picture is worth a thousand words, here's some examples. Please note the "non staged" shots are from when the homes were listed with a different agent.

Here's the Living Room Shot Not Staged

This is the Staged Family Room

And this is what is looked like in the previous listing

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