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If you are looking for a home to buy in Redondo Beach CA you have come to the right place. You will find every townhome, condominium and single family residence (house) currently listed for sale in 90277 or 90278 right here. 

Before you get started looking at properties, here's a few Pro Tips which may be helpful. If you know how this all works already, just skip on down to the listings now. If you want to know more about the home buying process, take a look at our Buying a Home page.

As home buyers start their research they may hear the term "MLS". This is an acronym for the "multiple listing service" meaning the native software that real estate agents or brokerages place their listings into. 

From the MLS, homes for sale are then syndicated out to literally thousands of web sites around the world through a technology called IDX. These  reciprocal websites may reformat or add to the data they import. Sometimes the additions are helpful, sometimes the addition is wrong. Some examples would be school district, bathroom count, HOA dues, etc.

On this site we keep it to just the facts.

The properties you will find here are real MLS listings and not "coming soon", "maybe gonna be foreclosed", "make me move", expired or in escrow properties. 

You may be looking at this site on your desktop, a tablet or a phone and the results will display properly formatted in either a list view or map view.  If you choose to see an interactive map, you can always come back to the list view. 

You can re-sort the results based on newest listings, oldest, or most expensive. Or choose the tab to refine your search for bedrooms, bathrooms, SqFt etc. You can also create your own custom search.

To make finding the home you want easier, listings are organized the way most buyers really search the MLS:
  • price
  • property type
  • neighborhood
  • days on market
  • new construction
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Redondo Beach MLS Search

Redondo Beach include North Redondo 90278 and South Redondo 90277. Same city but the price points can be very different in each as you will see. 

The (MLS) further separates each zip code into 4 sub-neighborhoods as follows:

North Redondo Beach 90278 Homes for Sale

MLS AREA 151 Villas North of Artesia Blvd

South Redondo Beach 90277 Homes for Sale

North Redondo Beach 90278 Popular MLS Searches

South Redondo Beach 90277 Popular MLS Searches

South Redondo Beach Luxury ($2M+)

Common Redondo Beach Buyer Questions

What is the difference between a condo and a townhome?

From a lending and a legal perspective townhomes are condominiums in almost all instances. What we refer to as a condo is usually a flat unit more like an apartment. Townhomes are muti-level and can be either attached or detached meaning there are or are not common walls.

What is meant by an inactive HOA?

Condominium properties of less than 4 units may be inactive meaning that there are no formal budgets, meetings, or reserves. Typically these associations are managed by the owners with each one contributing to the shared expenses on an as needed basis. Whether the HOA is active or inactive, there are still CC&Rs that are recorded.

What is a "Tall & Skinny"

No, this is not a drink at Starbucks. Tall and Skinny refers to Single Family Residences of around 2000 SqFt that are usually on 2500 SqFt lots and predominately in the Golden Hills.

Why is South Redondo more expensive? It's further from the Freeway

But it is also further west with some homes having ocean views.

Is Redondo Beach a safe place to live?

You betcha'. But you should still lock your doors at night.