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Ellis Posner Intro

Hi, I'm Ellis Posner, a local Realtor with a lot of South Bay Real Estate experience and tons of online reviews from clients who initially found me on a site like this one.

I've lived in the Beach Cities for 30 years and have been a home owner in Redondo Beach for 15 years. Over 50% of my business is in Redondo and I understand the needs of both Buyers and Sellers in this community.

I've sold some of the homes in the neighborhood multiple times and have seen almost every listing for sale over the last decade and longer. I know the history of these properties and the back story of what's going on in most instances.

Whether you are Buying or Selling a home, I'm available to help you with all of your Redondo Beach Real Estate needs in either North Redondo Beach 90278 or South Redondo Beach 90277.

Buyers and Sellers Need Arm's Length Representation

Quite possibly one of the biggest mistakes many Buyers and Sellers make is not working with the right agent. This can cost you time, money or both. Hint, your friend who just got their license or cousin from out of the area is probably not the right choice here. It is also not the best idea if you are a buyer to just make offers with the listing agents. They represent the seller, not you.

If you are a buyer, what the agents know that no app or website knows is a) what is really available for sale and what's not, b) what is coming on the market and when (top agents network), c) which sellers will take less and which homes will sell for more, d) how the process works, and e) how to get stuff fixed i.e. roofs, plumbing, electrical etc. (no home is perfect). And that's the short version of the list.

For sellers, we know how to properly prepare your home for sale, stage it, market it, have repairs done and which buyers are most likely to perform.

And most importantly, I'm involved in over 100 Real Estate negotiations per year and know how to get things done.

Speaking of which, here are some, but not all, of my Redondo Beach sales over the past few years representing both Buyers and Sellers.

Ellis Posner Sells Redondo Beach Real Estate

Following are some of my recent Redondo Beach sales representing both Buyers and Sellers. There are lots more.