Redondo Beach Townhomes and Condominiums for Sale

What's the Difference Between a Townhome and a Condo?

If you've been house hunting for a home in Redondo Beach CA or will be, invariably you might be looking at some Townhomes and Condos which collectively comprise around 50% of the market at any given time.

Pro Tip

Depending on your loan amount and type of loan i.e ARM, 30 year fixed, etc your lender might quote you a higher rate for condos and from a lender perspective Townhomes and Condos are in almost all situations condos from a lending perspective because that's what they are from a legal description. Confused? Here's what's going on.

You will find 3 legal descriptions for residential properties:
  • Condominium
  • Single Family Residence
  • Planned Unit Development (PUD)
In Redondo Beach and the South Bay in general almost all homes will fit into the first or second category. An example of a PUD (although not in Redondo Beach) would be the gated community of Manhattan Village in Manhattan Beach. That is the neighborhood located north of Marine and just east of the Manhattan Village Shopping Mall.

A Single Family Residence (SFR) is a house on its own lot. One house, one lot. A variation might be a legal duplex, triplex or quadplex but for now lets keep zoning out of the equation.

Any residential property with a shared ownership on the lot is a condominium from a legal and lending perspective. Condominiums will have recorded CC&Rs and a Homeowner's Association (HOA).

Now we get to the explanation part.

  • Condos are flat - think apartment style.
  • Townhomes are multi level and can either be attached or detached.
  • 3 on a lot and 2 on a lot refers to home many townhomes share the same lot. 

Just to make matters a little more confusing, sometimes you will find multi-level units in much larger buildings and they may be classified by the listing agent as condo or townhouse.

But to keep it simple, what we are talking about is a style difference - flat versus multi level.

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