Selling Your Home in Redondo Beach in 2017? Consider These 5 Design Trends

Example of Contemporary Design Trends 2017

Selling A Home In Redondo Beach CA

Let me start with stating that until fairly recently, maybe the last 2 years or so, with a few exceptions I would not advise clients in Redondo Beach to spend money to make improvements before they put their home on the market. Maybe that's simply because I don't like to spend other people's money or I just hadn't really seen the expenditures pencil out to bring higher enough prices to justify the investment. Or more pragmatically, prices just weren't at the level they are today and many Sellers just had tighter budgets.

As for what those exceptions were when I did encourage owners to spend money pre-listing, it was usually items that would come up in inspections such as a leaky roof, mold, electric panels that needed to be upgraded, sewer lines, etc. Other than the fact that inevitably the buyer would want these items addressed, I like to avoid any deal killers up front and more importantly, buyers and their agents always over estimate the cost of the repairs.

But I have had a change of heart.

While I still recommend addressing the items listed above and in fact recommend that Seller's get a home inspection up front to determine any issues, these days I am totally on board with making some strategic improvements when appropriate. In fact, a few minor changes plus some staging may dramatically improve the sales price for the better.

By a "strategic improvement" I am referring to things like replacing a few outdated chandeliers with more contemporary lighting; swapping out old recessed lighting bulbs with modern LED; painting the weather beaten front door (red), etc. In some instances this may even include getting rid of the really worn, discolored old carpet with new carpet (but not going all out and putting in hardwood). There's an awful lot of cosmetic improvement that can be done with budgets of $2,000-$10,000 and the money may be well spent. Needless to say that's all after you replace the leaky roof.

There's a lot of reasons why this is good business, not the least of which is that "presentation" is one of the key components to a successful sale and when I home looks great and has few items "called out" on the inspections, Buyers feel more confident that the property has been well maintained and are more inclined to go forward with the deal.

So, if you will be listing your home for sale in 2017 and spending the time and money to make some improvements, here's some current design trends you might want to consider. Not sure what to do? Contact me directly at 310 975 5139 or use this contact form.

White and Wood Kitchens

You might be very surprised to learn that even some of the oldest cabinets can be sanded and repainted white with remarkable results. But this has to be done by a professional who knows what they are doing. And it is a messy job but maybe not quite as expensive as you would think.

Notice that in the picture above, although the center island does not actually incorporate any wood, the counter stools create the effect.

Here's another variation of the same theme. In this one, the wood beams overhead help create the effect.

Once you have some white, the design challenge becomes adding some wood somewhere. A great way to do this is with the next design trend......

Contrasting Center Islands

Full disclosure, it took me a while to get on board with this trend but I'm there now!

Even if you do not currently have a center island, if you have the space you can always buy a stand alone piece like shown below. And if you have the over head space available, great opportunity to hand your gorgeous copper clad and stainless pots and pans.

But if you do have a center island, consider redoing it to contrast with your (white) cabinets.

Pendant Lights

As mentioned above, lighting styles have changed dramatically and a few hundred dollars spent on a contemporary looking fixture can have a dramatic effect. I have even seen pendants in bedrooms replacing table lamps. Also works great in some small spaces.

Here's a light fixture I put in my dining room to replace the (only 13 year old) chandelier hanging there.

Marble Surfaces

If your kitchen counters are truly horrible opt for replacing them with marble in various shades of white or light gray. You may not even have to do an entire kitchen to make an effect. You might be able to just add some flooring to replace that old linoleum or even some item that you can take with you such as a table. Better yet, buy the table for your showings and return it as soon as the home is in escrow. Yes, people really do that Seller hack.

Built In Bars

Yes, think Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. I see this a lot in new construction. If you have some unused space that can be re-purposed, I like mine shaken not stirred.