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About Redondo Beach CA

Redondo Beach is one of the three South Bay Beach Cities which also include Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach CA located in Los Angeles County just south of LAX.

The greater South Bay also includes surrounding cities such as Torrance, Hawthorne, Gardena, Lawndale, Palos Verdes and others. These are all independent cities unlike other neighborhoods in LA (Venice, Marina Del Rey, Westwood, West Hollywood) which are part of the City of LA. As independent entities they have their with their own police, city councils, fire departments, schools, etc which the exception of some areas that have LA County service.

But, make no mistake about it, Redondo Beach is a vibrant, independent city with great schools, infrastructure and other services.

Homes for sale in Redondo Beach are highly desirable as Redondo Beach has been one of the hottest coastal markets for the last few years.

Recently Redondo Beach was voted one of the ten best places to live in California and it is easy to understand why. With great beachfront, top ranked schools, proximity to freeways and jobs, shopping, entertainment, easy access to LAX, fine restaurants and more, Redondo Beach represents the quintessential California lifestyle.

Buyers can find properties for sale in many price ranges from entry level condos to multi million dollar ocean view luxury mansions. Sellers have seen substantial price appreciation over the past few years and many are staying in their homes creating an ongoing shortage of listings for sale.

North vs South

Redondo Beach is comprised of North Redondo Beach 90278 and South Redondo Beach 90277. In general you will find that comparable homes in South Redondo Beach are higher priced with the primary difference being that South Redondo Beach has ocean view homes and direct beach access while North Redondo does not.

North Redondo Beach is landlocked as it is bound on its western borders by Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach the other two Beach Cities. There are a limited number of homes with mountain and city views.

The dividing line between North and South Redondo Beach is 190th St with North Redondo being north of 190th and South on the other side. PCH refers to Pacific Coast Highway which is not a highway at all although it is a very busy road. Many businesses are located on PCH in South Redondo.

South Redondo Beach has a very desirable town center known as Riviera Village. Homes within walking distance to Riviera Village may sell at a premium to similar properties in other parts of town.

North Redondo really doesn't have a similar center of focus although there is a business district on Artesia Blvd as well as Aviation.

The South Bay Galleria Mall is located at the eastern border of North Redondo Beach adjacent to Lawndale and Torrance. The Galleria recently lost their anchor tenant, Nordstrom and it is rumored the property will undergo massive changes as a result that could enhance property values. Similarly the Redondo Beach waterfront in South Redondo may see revitalization over the next few years.

What North and South Redondo definitely share are the cooling ocean breezes, great schools, amenities and lifestyle.

Redondo Beach Neighborhoods

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) separates Redondo Beach as follows:

North Redondo Beach Homes

MLS AREA 151 Villas North
MLS AREA 152 Villas South
MLS AREA 153 El Nido
MLS AREA 154 Golden Hills

(Villas North and South refer to which side of Artesia Blvd you are on.)

South Redondo Beach Homes

MLS AREA 128 Hollywood Riviera
MLS AREA 155 N of Torrance Blvd
MLS AREA 156 S of Torrance Blvd
MLS AREA 157 W of Pacific Coast Highway

The most sought after neighborhoods have been the Golden Hills in North Redondo and Hollywood Riviera and "The Avenues" in South Redondo Beach. As is true throughout the Beach Cities, the further west the more expensive.

Redondo Beach Golden Hills

The Golden Hills neighborhood (MLS Area 154) neighborhood of North Redondo Beach is located south of the Artesia Blvd Manhattan Beach border and east of Hermosa Beach and extends south of Aviation Blvd to 190th St (Anita) on the North and South Redondo Beach border. Because this neighborhood is the furthest west in 90278 and some homes are literally steps from Hermosa Beach, homes here are highly sought after. While the hearty can walk or jog to the beach from some of the westernmost streets, for most it is an easy bike ride to The Strand.

Many of the homes in the Golden Hills are "Tall and Skinny" Single Family Residences. By Tall and Skinny we are referring to multiple story houses on 2500 SqFt lots. Many have reverse floor plans meaning that the living room, dining, room and master bedroom are found upstairs with 2 bedrooms downstairs. That is the standard configuration built for many years and these homes are often around 1900 SqFt with 2 or 2.5 bathrooms.

Newer variations may have a third floor loft (example above) Older Tall and Skinnies may be around 1500 SqFt (with a standard floor plan). These homes typically have tiny backyards - maybe enough room for a barbecue and a table.

More experienced Realtors may further subdivide the Golden Hills into the Golden Triangle found west of Aviation Blvd and closer to Manhattan and Hermosa Beach and the neighborhood of Golden Hills south of Aviation and north of 190th St.

The standard 3/2.5 Tall and Skinny resales are selling in mid 2017 for around $1.2M +/- while new construction might be priced in the $1.5-$1.6M. Older smaller properties may go for $800K to $1M.

Redondo Beach Hollywood Riviera

The Hollywood Riviera neighborhood of South Redondo Beach (90277) is found at the southern tip of Redondo Beach at the foot of the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Many of these homes have "Queen's Necklace" views meaning that you can see the coastline and at night it is an amazing vista. Homes in the Riviera neighborhood are highly desirable and rival only "The Avenues" and the Esplanade in Redondo Beach price and appreciation.

Ironically, as soon as buyers discover the Hollywood Riviera area the first question is usually "but is it Torrance or South Redondo Beach?" and actually it can be both.

The confusion started way back when ay back when the Redondo Beach PO was closer than the Torrance PO and it was more convenient for residents in the original Riviera homes to have their mail come through Redondo so they requested that their mail go to 90277 from which it was delivered. Fast forward to contemporary times and you might have a 90277 mailing address but be receiving Torrance services (Police, Fire Department, Schools etc). But don't worry, it's all good!

Although there are some condos, most of the homes in the Riviera are single family houses. There is a large townhouse community, Village Palos Verdes, that has recently been remodeled and is a great value considering location, views and amenities.

The Hollywood Riviera is identified in the MLS as Area 128.

Redondo Beach Townhomes

Two On A Lot

Two on a lot Townhomes are very common throughout North and South Redondo Beach and are exactly what the name implies: there are two Townhomes (individually owned) built on the same lot. As such they are zoned as condominiums from a legal description and lender perspective.

Some of these are "attached" and some "detached", the difference being whether there are common walls or not. If any part of the structure is attached to the other unit, it is considered an attached structure whether there are living walls in common or not. For example, you will see that some of the 2 on a lots built in the late 19080s or 1970s may be attached at the garage only with a deck above the garage. Those are still considered attached.

Most two on a lots share a common driveway. Properties on corners, have their own driveway. In North Redondo Beach where the lots are larger, the front or "A" units may have an exclusive use front and rear yard. While the "B" units only have the rear yard.

Because some of the R2 lots in South Redondo are smaller, the front units may only have a front yard.

Many people consider detached Redondo Beach 2 on a lot Townhomes to be some of the best values in LA County because in many ways these are similar to SFRs except you can get a lot more living space for less money as long as you don't need a large back yard.

These properties are built in a variety of styles with many tending to be Mediterranean or Spanish. Newer construction is often quite contemporary.

Three On A Lot

Three on a lot attached Townhomes are very common in North Redondo Beach particularly on Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Grant, and Matthews. You may also find them east of the green belt on Voorhees and Nelson.

The floorplan is typically "reverse" with the living room, dining room, master bedroom and kitchen upstairs and 2 bedrooms downstairs. Most units are 3 bedroom but there are also 4 bedroom properties available. Almost all the more recent construction is 4 bedroom and the newer generation may also have a third floor loft in rare instances.

It is typical on east-west streets to have a common or shared driveway. Units situated on a north-south street may have their own driveway. Almost all properties have direct access 2 car garages and 2nd floor patios are the norm.

The rear or "C" units typically have exclusive use back yards (check the CC&Rs because this is not always the case in older properties). A such the "C" is usually the most desirable followed by the "A" which only has one common wall. The center or "B" unit will often sell at a discount to the front or rear.

While there are 3 on a lots in South Redondo Beach, the configuration is almost always different with many being detached homes.