Redondo Beach CA Real Estate Buyer's Guide


Homes for sale in Redondo Beach are highly desirable and Redondo Beach has been one of the hottest coastal markets in LA County for the last few years with double digit increases in median sales prices.

Buyers can find properties for sale in many price ranges from entry level condos to multi million dollar ocean view luxury mansions. Because Sellers have seen substantial price appreciation over the past few years, many are staying in their homes longer creating an ongoing shortage of listings for sale.

Recently Redondo Beach was voted one of the ten best places to live in California and it is easy to understand why. With great beachfront, top ranked schools, proximity to freeways and jobs, shopping, entertainment, easy access to LAX, fine restaurants and more, Redondo Beach represents the quintessential California lifestyle. Additionally, Redondo Beach is considered much more affordable than the other two South Bay Beach Cities, Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach CA.

Redondo Beach is comprised of North Redondo Beach 90278 and South Redondo Beach 90277. While both are Redondo Beach home prices are different enough to merit separate treatment of each zip code.

The primary difference is that South Redondo Beach has ocean view homes and direct beach access while North Redondo does not.

North Redondo Beach is landlocked as it is bound on its western borders by Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach the other two Beach Cities. There are a limited number of homes with mountain and city views.

Redondo Beach has an odd shape on the map for a city that has been around since 1892. A pinch point or dividing line exists along the summit of Anita Street and 190th Street that creates a natural separation between the north and south with North Redondo being north of 190th and South on the other side. Many businesses are located on PCH in South Redondo. PCH refers to Pacific Coast Highway which is not a highway at all although it is a very busy road running more or less parallel to the coast.

By the time the zip code system was introduced in the U.S. in 1963, which formally split Redondo into two codes, the characteristics of these two distinct areas were already taking hold.

South Redondo Beach has a very desirable town center known as Riviera Village. Homes within walking distance to Riviera Village may sell at a premium to similar properties in other parts of town.
North Redondo really doesn't have a similar center of focus although there is a business district on Artesia Blvd as well as Aviation. The South Bay Galleria Mall is located at the eastern border of North Redondo Beach adjacent to Lawndale and Torrance. The Galleria recently lost their anchor tenant, Nordstroms and it is rumored the property will undergo massive changes as a result that could enhance property values. Similarly the Redondo Beach waterfront in South Redondo will see revitalization over the next few years.

Perhaps by happenstance, the two zip codes have close to the same number of housing units with the south having a slight edge. However, the number of sales transactions in 90278 to the north, has consistently been greater over the years. Comparable North Redondo homes are priced lower than the same property would be in South Redondo Beach.

What North and South Redondo definitely share are the cooling ocean breezes.

Redondo Beach Neighborhoods

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) organizes Redondo Beach into the following eight area. Click on any of the links to view homes currently listed for sale.

North Redondo Beach Homes

MLS AREA 151 Villas North
MLS AREA 152 Villas South
MLS AREA 153 El Nido
MLS AREA 154 Golden Hills

(Villas North and South refer to which side of Artesia Blvd you are on.)

South Redondo Beach Homes

MLS AREA 128 Hollywood Riviera
MLS AREA 155 N of Torrance Blvd
MLS AREA 156 S of Torrance Blvd
MLS AREA 157 W of Pacific Coast Hwy

The two most sought after neighborhoods have been the Golden Hills in North Redondo and Hollywood Riviera in South Redondo Beach. As is true throughout the Beach Cities, the further west the more expensive.

Buying a Home in Redondo Beach

Often buyers new to the area are confused about the local property types and terminology as they begin the search for homes for sale in Redondo Beach. Here's some quick tips.

Condos are flat - think apartment style.

Townhomes are multi level and can either be attached or detached or even within a larger building
3 on a lot and 2 on a lot refers to home many townhomes share the same lot.

Houses are exactly what you would expect. Traditional Single Family Residences SFRs, on their own lots.

Tall and Skinny refers to SFRs built on small lots, often only 2500 SqFt with a 25 foot frontage.
Many properties have "reverse floor plans" with the living room, dining room, kitchen, and master bedroom upstairs and 2 or 3 bedrooms downstairs hence the term.

Here's a link to all the Townhomes and Condominiums for sale in Redondo Beach and these are the Single Family Residences.