Hey Ellis, Where Have You Been?

Well for the first time since I started this blog ten years ago in 2009, I haven't posted for a few months.

Understandably my loyal readers and followers have been asking what's up. Am I still selling real estate? (yes); am I still blogging?, yes; do I still want to spread the word about Redondo Beach? (yes).

So where have I been?

Thailand, Instagram, working on another site, and searching for more world class tools to help my clients better understand the market.


I did the unthinkable (for me anyway) and actually took a 3 week vacation during January with my wife, who is Thai, to visit her home country. You may not have know that because I don't often write about "personal" stuff on this site (or politics).

Being me I of course had to check out the local real estate scene and I did a number of posts on my Instagram. You can follow me on Instagram @ellisposner.

As for the Thai real estate market, what I found out is the games the same just the numbers are different. If I spoke the language I could definitely be an agent there, lol.

If you are thinking of going to Thailand as a tourist, here's a few things I can share with you that were surprising to me.

In general, the coffee is terrible. I did find a few good places and Starbucks in the major cities, but became desperate enough for caffeine that I actually drank some Cokes which is not something I usually do.

Trip Advisor is fairly accurate as to the recommendations they give.

There's lots of great local places to stay if you want to experience something other than western style hotels but you might be surprised by some of the bathroom configurations (and that's all I will say about that).

Of the 36 million +/- tourists expecting to visit this year, only around 1 million are expected to be Americans. You are more likely to hear Russian being spoken on some remote beach than English and if it is English expect a British accent.

There are 7 Elevens on almost every block - or at least it seems that way.

If you are going by plane between cities, expect to have to go through Bangkok. Even the large cities don't seem to have direct flights to and from.

The traffic and pollution are both horrible. I could get used to driving on the other side of the road for sure but the scooters coming from all directions, Tuk Tuks, 2 row buses, trucks etc are just too distracting. There are very few stop lights and as far as I can tell no stop signs. Makes the 405 at its worst seem great.

The pollution in some of the large cities is so bad that I did buy a face mask and actually used it (but forgot to take a selfie).

It is a very long flight from LAX. We flew to Tapei and then from there to Bangkok.

If travel is your thing and you want to visit a country with a lot of history and great scenery, put Thailand on your list. (Pictured below - one of our investment properties there being used as an Airbnb.)


While I haven't been active on this site over the past few months, there are quite a number of posts on my Instagram which I do keep to mostly real estate - although not just Redondo Beach. So, if you are interested in what else I am up to, head over there.


Most of the time over the past few months that I have not spent on this site has been spent relaunching the all new for 2019 ellisposner.com.

As you may know, I do all my sites myself. I not only create every post and all content but the look and feel, structure, and everything else. (What I personally do not create are the IDX search results of properties for sale. I link to those on my traditional real estate website Socalistings.com. That's also my online "brand" which you can find on Facebook.)

Towards the end of 2018 I started to feel that i need to a) consolidate many of the sites I have to fewer that would all have b) visually stunning presentations on every device and easier to navigate content.

The first one I worked on is my "personal" site ellisposner.com and I am very pleased and proud of how it came out. But it took a lot of time so I did not post here. Sorry. My bad, won't happen again.

In fact, I am so pleased with how ellisposner.com turned out that I am most likely going to migrate this site to the same platform.

I unfortunately wasn't able to move my old posts on the previous site to the new site but I think I will be able to retain the 10 years I have posted here.

If I move the platform, I will also redirect redondo-realestate.com there as well as 90277realestate.com. I haven't touched either of those sites in quite a while.


Many of you have linked to search results on socalistings.com from this site. Not only are the search results fast and accurate with no ads or distractions, I am also able to spotlight a number of micro markets making your search experience fuller.( I've also been int he process of updating that site. Still a lot of work to be done there.

As great as the search and other reports have been, there were some things missing and I came up with a solution from another data provider. While this may create some confusion because users will have to log in to 2 separate systems (sorry), it will well be worth it.

What I will be able to show on one page are:

  1. Open Houses
  2. All Active Listings
  3. Market Reports
  4. Sold Listings

I think it is pretty cool. Here's a link to an example for North Redondo Beach of the market report page and here's a link to listings.

That's it. As the saying goes, "I'm Back".