2504 Fisk Lane Redondo Beach MLS SR19045462 Auction


You are most likely going to be asking about this one (I’ve already gotten calls) so here’s what’s going on.

2504 Fisk Lane, in the “El Nido” neighborhood, MLS Area 153, and west of Inglewood Ave is listed for $625,000. It is a 3 bedroom, 1 bath 914 Sq Ft SFR on a 5251 Sq Ft lot and no, you won’t be buying it for $625K. Sorry.

It is a probate sale, no court confirmation, and going to be sold at an onsite auction on March 31st. There will only be a few showings, you will have to put 10% into escrow and there are no contingencies. Not a misprint.

By comparison, the last similar SFR I sold in that neighborhood went for a little over $800K just about a year ago.

Good luck, happy bidding.

2504 Fisk Lane, Redondo Beach CA 90278

2504 Fisk Lane, Redondo Beach CA 90278