Redondo Beach "Townhouse Guy" Strikes Again

I opened two escrows on Friday in North Redondo Beach.

One was my listing at 2223 Bataan Rd Unit B and the other was at 2111 Nelson Unit A representing Buyer clients

Both are detached 2 on a lot townhomes. What was my last closed sale? An attached 2 on a lot Townhome. If you think I sell a lot of Townhomes, yes I do.

Once upon a time, I heard a (Manhattan Beach) agent call me the “Redondo Beach Townhouse Guy”.

Trust me, there are far worse things to be called and I also sell Single Family Houses. And not just in Redondo Beach even though Redondo is where I have had the most sales in my career.

Recently, I see a lot of “Manhattan Beach” agents trying to compete in Redondo now. Why is that? Well for one thing, Redondo Beach is the hottest LA coastal market right now as it has been over the past few years. And I’m talking about both North and South Redondo Beach. And for another, it is still “affordable”. Well at least by LA standards where $5-6K of rent or mortgage more or less gets you a nice place in a nice neighborhood these days.

But back to North Redondo Beach Townhomes. I’ve been saying on this blog for a number of years now that the detached two on a lots in North Redondo are some of the best values you can find in the LA area. Except for the common area driveway, these pretty much live like single family residences with most of them having a standard floorplan featuring the bedrooms upstairs and living room and dining downstairs.

Prices for 4 bedroom units are in the $1.2Ms and new construction is around $1.4M and up. The competition is often “Tall & Skinny” homes but those have less outdoor space and usually reverse floor plans.