The South Bay Beach Cities are:

  • Redondo Beach

  • Manhattan Beach

  • Hermosa Beach

This site explores Redondo Beach extensively. But if you are interested in the other Beach Cities, here’s an intro.

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 Manhattan Beach is one of the most desirable places to live in coastal Los Angeles County.

Homes are also quite expensive even by Southern CA standards. How expensive? Recently 3 Manhattan Beach neighborhoods were ranked in the top 12 most expensive in Los Angeles County.

I lived in the Manhattan Beach Sand Section in the 1990’s once on a walk street and another time near Sand Dune park.

There are many reasons people want to live in Manhattan Beach such as fine restaurants, shopping and the excellent school system. Mira Costa High School, has been ranked in the top 1% of all high schools nationally.

Many professional athletes (Lakers, Kings, and Clippers) as well as celebrity movie stars make their home in Manhattan Beach along with successful entrepreneurs, attorneys, doctors and business owners.

There is also easy access to LAX, freeways and that great beachfront.

Do you like surfing? Head down to El Porto to catch some great waves.

Is beach volleyball your thing? You’ll find everything from starters to world class pros here and remember to check out the Manhattan Beach Open Volleyball Tournament during the summer.

Heading east of Sepulveda you’ll find a massive renovation going on at the Manhattan Village mall, more restaurants on Rosecrans and the high end food store Gelson’s now open on PCH.

I lived in the Manhattan Beach Sand Section in the 1990’s and really enjoyed it. One time I was on a walk street and another home near Sand Dune park.

Micro Markets

The Sand Section is the furthest west. This is the strip of land with the walk street homes and the properties on the Strand. There are both single family and attached and detached Towhomes.

The Tree Section and the Hill Section are both west of Sepulveda (PCH) and found north and south of Manhattan Beach Blvd respectively. Both neighborhoods are primarily Single Family Residences (SFRs).

East of Sepulveda you find Manhattan Village which is a gated master planned community located between Marine Blvd and Rosecrans just east of the shopping area of the same name. The Village has both townhomes and SFRs. The townhomes are zoned as PUD not condo.

Also on the Eastside you’ll find the Mira Costa neighborhood to the south and Manhattan Heights / Liberty Village to the north.

Remarkably, locals also define two other neighborhoods not delineated in the MLS. They are the “Gaslight District” named after the street lights and the “American Martyrs” neighborhood named after the church.

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Hermosa Beach is great for sunbathing, volleyball, surfing, paddle boarding, biking, kayaking, rollerblading, skateboarding and general people watching.

Pier Ave is actually one of my favorite blocks in LA. You’ll find mostly local restaurants and bars. If you are coming from PCH, keep heading west (towards the ocean) and you’ll find the Hermosa Pier at the Strand.

To get the Hermosa Beach vibe, head down to Pier Ave and the Strand at the foot of the Hermosa Pier.

Or if you are on a bike, just make sure that when the light is flashing you walk it near the Pier. You will get a ticket. Really.

When the stacks from the AES power plant come down expect to see a major resurgence in this city.

While the beach front homes on the Strand are quite expensive (budget in the multiple millions to buy on the Strand), Hermosa Beach homes are usually priced lower than comparable Manhattan Beach properties. They are, however, often more expensive than Redondo Beach properties of the same size.

One thing that’s really cool about Hermosa Beach is that many homes have roof top decks with ocean views. So you don’t have to live on the Strand which are great for entertaining or just taking in the views.

Speaking of cool, the Lighthouse on Pier Avenue has been a famous Jazz Club dating back to the 1950’s when many famous musicians made live recordings there.

Hermosa Beach has only three defined micro markets.

The Sand Section is the furthest west, basically an extension of the Manhattan Beach Sand Section albeit with much fewer walk streets.

Hermosa Valley is just east but still west of PCH and you can often buy there at a slight discount.

East of PCH is the Hermosa Hills aka East Hermosa Beach.

Throughout Hermosa there are SFRs, Townhomes and flat condos.

Many years ago I owned a home in Hermosa Beach and loved living there.