Redondo Beach is not only divided by its two zip codes into North and South, each is further subdivided in the Multiple Listing Service into an additional 4 micro markets. Property types, zoning, and pricing can vary greatly within each submarket so it is very important to understand the differences. Here’s a quick over view.

Click on any of the MLS Areas below to view homes for sale in each micro market.

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MLS Area 151 is found north of Artesia between Aviation Blvd and Inglewood Ave. Also known as “Villas North”.

MLS Area 152 (aka Villas South) is south of Artesia Blvd stretching more or less to Ripley Ave except for the streets that are in the Golden Hills.

MLS Area 153 “El Nido”is found on both sides of Inglewood Ave and the train tracks. The most eastern homes are actually in Torrance.

MLS Area 154 is the “Golden Hills” which is further subdivided into the “Golden Triangle” adjacent to Manhattan Beach and Hermosa.

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MLS Area 128 known as the “Hollywood Riviera” is the furthest south neighborhood and found at the foot of the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

MLS Area 155 is found north of Torrance Blvd and east of PCH.

MLS Area 156 is found south of Torrance Blvd and east of PCH .

MLS Area 157 consists of all the properties west of PCH and includes the home on the Esplanade.